Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winter Blahs.


I like to keep up on my reading and be as brain washed as the next person PLUS I wanna be a successful Senior Citizen eventually so I am training now to be able to compete in the health olympics. You know where people socialize and try to out do one another with their health concerns? Kind of like poker but without the stripping or the chips ....


So in the winter people get depressed because they miss the sun. I watched many of the commercials in the US when I was last there and had a whole list of drugs to go to the doctor with and ask if I might need them. I love those commercials. There is always someone on the beach skipping, talking about how a drug changed their life and you should ask your doctor if it might be for you. They never tell you what the drug is for so that when you go to the doctor you can be surprised to find out that you can be cured from something you didn't even know you had.

Some of the drugs were to enhance my penis and we both felt that perhaps that was not for me although I did argue that perhaps THAT was my problem - I never had one - so technically, trying to enhance it might be the ticket to beach skipping. My doctor insisted she knew best so I let that one go. She wanted me to do some reading and try some other things before we went for the drugs. I was disappointed but I agreed to try only because she said she would follow up and if things were not working we could discuss medication then.

She suggested that I try not to spend so much time under my bed where it was dark and that might help with the sun issue and then gave me some stuff to read. The first article was on depression and how to deal with it. There were several points. The first was "Everything is not about you." I cried for hours. I had to be admitted to the hospital and put on drugs. It was such a shock to me.


I am under my bed as I type this ... but the dark does not bother on me. With these drugs I can close my eyes and I am skipping on the beach ... with a penis ....

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