Monday, June 4, 2012

WoW Skins Amar.

WoW Skins Amar

Conversation overheard in the store between a little girl and her mother as they shopped for clothes. The mother pushed a cart full of clothes for the little girl who was participating fully in what was purchased, nodding at the pink dress with the ruffles but waving off the sensible blue jumper. She clearly knew what she liked. Preschool children these days are like that - they are very aware of fashion and what parents are permitted to purchase for them.

They weaved in and out of the aisles until they found a gorgeous selection of dresses that her mother started to go through.

"Mommy how much do miracles cost?"

Mommy was very busy holding up dress after dress for inspection, "I don't know darling, depends I guess."

The little girl was quiet as she considered the economics of miracles. "Can nan afford a miracle?"

The mother stopped and turned her attention fully on her daughter. "Why do you think Nan needs a miracle? She isn't sick you know? I know she is getting older but nan is actually very healthy. Are you worried about her?"

The little girl nodded.

"Why? What ever do you think she needs a miracle for?

"Mommmm ....nan's 'buzums' are down here, " she bent down and motioned with both her hands to her knees, rolling her eyes at her mother not quite believing that anyone could be that obtuse, "and the Miracle on TV says it lifts "buzums" up. Nan needs a miracle."

Several women in the store adjusted their bra straps.

I saw mom on her way to the checkout, she stopped off at the children's department and wisely put the "my little pony" bra and panty set for little girls back on the shelf.

There would be time enough in the years ahead for "miracles" of that kind.

WoW Skins

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