Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Star Rating.


My hubby and I love to cook. We cook for each other, we cook for our friends, we cook because we can.


When we first got together he very seriously told me, he hoped I didn't mind, that he liked to cook. I thought about it - some 20 years of cooking 3 meals a day for 6 or more people every meal - and after than nano second passed - I surrendered and said "OK." Marriage is like that sometimes, full of compromises you have to make because ...well ... you are just that swell of a person.

He is a better cook than I am. But we complicate compliment one another because we cook different things. We like to scour the internet for recipe ideas and try them out.

First we have to figure out where the recipe came from because many of my tried and true Canadian recipes bomb here - something is decidedly different. Then we check out the star ratings and what others who have tried the recipe have to say about it.

The 5 star rating doesn't always work though.


I think they should have to disclose that the people they polled for their opinions were in a nursing home, had the recipe put through a blender, and fed through a nose tube .... just saying ....

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