Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Bite Out of The Ol' Apple.


I was one of those kids who had to find out for myself. Some lessons I learned really early on. I was a pretty quick study. Burn myself once with fire ... I did not need to go down that road again. I got it. Fire Hot = hurts like heck.


I was pretty good about connecting the dots though too.
If A+B=C ...
but D+B=No-one is buying it ....
You pretty much had to look at D and realize that there was something wrong.

Priscilla Goodwin brought her toast to school to show everyone that a picture of Jesus had appeared in her cinammon and people prayed to it for years. They shellacked that toast and put it in the display cabinet at the school and no-one would admit to it but I was not the only one wondering about all the "A's" Priscilla suddenly got on everything. Either Jesus was really pleased she faked his face in her toast or the teachers were really afraid to risk making Jesus mad if Priscilla was the annointed toast bearer or something.

  Look I am not proud of this or anything but I was sitting there looking at the toast in the display cabinet one day, eating my apple, and I suddenly found myself gnaw scuplting it into a perfect pic of me with Jesus standing behind me with his thumb up. I ran to the teachers lounge to show them that I was more chosen ....and well .... I basically got detention for 3 weeks.


That's when I learned a number of things like "a prophet is never respected in his own town" and "if you tend to spend most of the church service having to sit on the naughty chair in the corner with the dunce hat on ... chances are no-one is going to believe the Jesus and the miracle apple story."

Oh ... and I also learned that I hated Priscilla Goodwin, cinammon toast AND apples.

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