Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cliff Notes of Life.


When you think about it, life comes down to a series of lists.


5 things to do each day.
10 ways to save yourself money when you shop.
 25 ways to keep a relationship meaningful.

They are published everywhere. Everyone has a list. We go throughout our day madly reading from the list what we are supposed to do next ...

"get milk"
"hug someone today"
"do a bit of yoga each day"

Although I have to admit that hugging the guy who hands you the milk while to are  doing the "king of the dance" pose does not always work out well. I don't think you should mix your lists. They are like metaphors but with more severe consequences.


I am thinking skip all the expense of 12 years in school.

Teach them to read, give them the education cliff notes (the lists) and let them loose.

Oh a compass helps too ... it might help them to find their own ass when they are without the flashlight ...

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