Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cycling It.


When my brother got his tricycle, I was reduced to either riding on it when he was not around - under peril of death of course - OR - hanging on to the back of him and praying that I would not fall.


I quickly learned that while it might be fun to hear him scream as I put my hands over his eyes and we wiped out ... unfortunately ... I wiped out with him.

Then he got his bike with training wheels and I got ....

... his training wheels.

Well .... one of them.

He hid the other one and would not tell me where. I was reduced to unicycling with a training wheel.

It is hard to herd cattle on a unicycle at the best of times, but try it on a wheel with the circumference of a donut. They don't call me "power thighs" for nothing ...


Oh and "cow trampled face" too ...

... it happens ....

SKIN:  SYS-Project - [essencial] Marla 5 skin tones + modifiable shape
HAIR:  ::Exile:: Groove Theory: Dark Browns
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES:  E'DIOR beauty eyelashes 6
JEWELLERY:  Aglaia - Raw Minerals
OUTFIT &SHOES:  :: PM :: Manager's Choice #32
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