Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dream Ink Lola.

Dream Ink Lola2

Ok I admit it ... I am a closet stationaryolic. I love all things stationary. I hang out in places like Office Depot and Staples and fondle the pens. If I don't have 100 pens to choose from, and 1000 different choices of paper, I am depressed and feel creatively stilted.

Dream Ink Lola1

I love the way ink flows. I have worked with every type of pen you can imagine even the old dip and write nibbed caligraphy pens.

I love words. I love writing words, saying words and my desk, my stationary closet (yes I have one in my house) are my favorite places to be. I feel one with the process. I am sick.

I have a fridge covered with magnetic words, all arranged for easy find so I can leave little messages for hubby (and yes, I have been caught leaving naughty ones more than once, and was grateful that my mother in law did not understand the things I was referring to - bless her little repressed, shelthered pointed head)

At school they came out with the multi ink colour pen which was usually a cheap plastic, fat thing that broke quickly and only the green seemed to work well. But I tried it. When I find a pen I like, I buy a box so I do not run out. I go through fatter tips to finer tips to gel depending on the phase I am in. You could probably do a whole psychological analysis on me based on my choice of pen and paper.

Post it notes, gadgets ... I am the queen. I try them all. I could give such important feedback to the empire that is stationary if they only knew about me. I LOVE STATIONARY ANYTHING!!!

(sorry had to go take a valium to calm down there, I get so enthusiastically over excited talking about these things ....)

Dream Ink Lola3

How could I not love someone who uses the name "Dream Ink?"

PS - I haven't told her yet about the love part ... I like to surprise the people I stalk so shhhhhh .....

Dream Ink.

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