Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Holiday Pool.


We went on this holiday once and rented a villa. It was really lovely ... overlooked a lake and there was this lap pool right off the main foyer that was sheltered. I thought it was a pool for skinny people or something because I certainly was not going to be able to get my floating blow up island with the palm tree, the lounge and the cup holder in there. How was I going to 'swim' if I didn't have that?


Hubby explained a lap pool was great for exercise. You just swim back and forth and that was why it was so narrow because it was designed for exercise. It was the highlight of my holiday .... well except for all the brusises and scraping I got on my knees and my elbows ...

... and the fact I got so many cramps from having to curl up like that,

... and the big goose egg on my head,

...and my stubbed toes ....

I am definitely more fit. By the end I was doing dozens of laps!


I was so happy until the morning before we left hubby came down to watch and when I finally finished all he had to say to me was "You know a "lap" is actually from end to end ... not side to side ..."

My hubby is such a jokester.

I didn't believe him for a second ... that would have been wayyyyy tooo hard.

SKIN:  [Hush] Hanna  Smoked Gloss
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JEWELLERY:  CDC Jewelry- Gothic red/black set (no longer available)
POSES:  Del May

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