Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Have Always Been A Fashionista.


When you are forced to join the 4-H Clothing Club because your grandparents think that is a good way of making you marriageable material (it sounds good at the auction ... think of it like being a VCR among a sea of VCR's but with some really cool extra features) .. there had to be some redeeming qualities.


Like the one time we all got to dress up and go to a big fashion conference for "young ladies." We were lucky they lowered the standards for us so we could go. I mean if we were going to sew ironing mitts and aprons, God please let them be fashionable. How embarassing would that have been to have our runway night and we all used last years colours?

There were a couple hundred girls there. We were segregated into the cool girls .... and us. It is not like anyone planned it ... these things just sort of happen naturally, the species defining itself, weeding out ... the weeds ...presenting the best for mating and survival of the species (who says television is not educational?) Anyway there we were in a class with a real model talking to us (I think she did all the KFC ads or something - her fingers were insured against licking damage) and she was telling us about good materials to flatter us ... to make us look thinner and prettier because God knows in a world about to explode with us younger generation demanding world peace, that was at the forefront of my mind. And then ... as she told everyone how bad bad bad horizontal stripes were she pulled me up with my bright green and pink horizontal striped shirt dress with my pink granny shoes. This was it ... I was pretty sure I was going to be sacrificed for offending the fashion Gods. After all I was still a virgin....

Instead she said that there were always exceptions to the rules and here was one, look how fabulous I looked.

You would think I would have been thrilled as everyone congratulated me but my deep seated sense of integrity would not let me get away with it ....


After the class I went to her and confessed the outfit was not mine ... I had borrowed it from my brother ... and it did look much better on him than on me .... I think she dated him later in life ... it looked like her ... except her fingers were all pruned ...

SKIN:  Dream Ink SF Tiana
HAIR:  ::Exile:: London Rain: Dark Browns
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Light
LASHES:  GLOW Avantgarde
DRESS:  -Laviere- Melanie V-neck Dress Lime Tribal
JEWELLERY:  Ear Candy 70s Set Pink
SHOES:  Skin Addiction Group Gift from Rosy mood
POSES:  Adorkable

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