Monday, July 9, 2012

I Have to Apologize to My Grandmother.


Yesterday was a scary scary day for me. You know those moments when life just smacks you upside the head and you realize you have had the most narrowest of escapes?


When I was little my grandmother would tell me not to look so grumpy and mean all the time because my face would stay like that if I was not careful. I dismissed that little bit of advice and put in my "God Love 'em, they are my grandparents, but could someone please tell them this is the 70's for crying out loud box." There were many quaint but completely useless little things in that box - little treasures we all keep.

Why do we do that anyway? Like it might have been a real big deal when I was 5 to lose my first tooth but I seriously am not sure why we have kept it in a little silver box to sit in the back of my dresser drawer. I cannot think of one single time when it has been socially appropriate or relevant for me to say "Hey ... wanna see my baby tooth?" Once you have dentures I think waving around teeth you used to have is really cruel ....

I have bits of cloth from great great great grandmother's wedding dress, pressed flowers, and tons of advice and threats .... all pretty much unused, useless and things I have carried around with me because well ... that is what we do with our lives. We carry around a ton of useless, irrelevant baggage that other people declared meaningful.


So yesterday when I walked into a government office and looked at all the mean and miserable, grumpy faces my blood ran cold. Clearly they did not have a grandma who cared enough to warn them. I ran home and pulled out my treasures and polished my baby tooth.

I may not understand it but I am not stupid....

HAIR:  TRUTH Lourdes -  dark browns
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