Saturday, July 28, 2012



It feels like spring in some ways already. New growth on some of the trees, some blossoms coming ... of course this is Queensland and as hubby says it is always "fine one day, perfect the next." I had never heard "fine" as a weather term until I came here.

But anyway I digress (unaccustomed to that as I am) ... it is so lovely out I just wanted to wander around the yard, and pick up a little money at the same time. I think it is important that when one wanders, one also considers if there might be some way to capitalize on that being as the world loves capitalizers. Let's face if you are not in with the capitalizers ... well then you are just plain poor and repressed....


Sooo .... I went out to the corner and knocked over some of the signs ... like garage sale, puppies for sale, house sale, free chicken poop and wanted - one good wife ... ok I knocked them all over ...AND I put up my sign ...

PHOTO SALE - One stunning fashionista wandering around her beautiful yard, dressed stylishly in pink, one time special rate for pics. Bring your own camera, gauze and wind machine supplied.

And I waited ....

...and waited ....

pacb1's getting dark and I am hungry ....

They probably could not afford me anyway....

...some people like to pay their mortgage even though a pic of me is a lot easier to carry around in your wallet than a house... (insert snort here, and roll eyes meaningfully and with gusto)

SKIN:  SYS-Project - A V I S A G E Alicia Skin x 2 Cleavage options
HAIR:  ::Exile:: Rivers Run: Dark Browns
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
LASHES:  Garage Eyelashes V5
TOP:  The Secret Store - Romance - Light Pink
SKIRT:  The Sea Hole - Shogun (MESH) Skirt - Punch
JEWELLERY:  Dark Mouse
SHOES:  Paperbag. Blkhrt Ombre Platform Pump

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