Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mirror's Enigma Lucille

ME Lucille1

I knew a girl named Lucille once.  She was my best friends sister.  One of 10 brothers and sisters that my friend had.

I learned that not everyone gets their own bedroom and that I was very fortunate to not have to account for the number of toilet paper squares I used.  I also learned that I had nothing to complain about for food when some people had hot water with ketchup and called it soup.

I imagine lots of people in the community thought their family was foolish to have so many kids.  By worldly standards they were not a rich or a successful family.
ME Lucille2

But I have to tell you that they were rich in so many ways that have far outlived the position or wealth of anyone I grew up with.  I feel kind of cheated that I missed out on the kind of life they grew up with.  When all was said and done - they all were clear on what was important, and what really was not.

Mirror's Enigma

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