Monday, July 23, 2012

My Butt Sparkles.


It is funny the things you fixate on as a kid. I would watch the tap dancers in their sequined outfits, the baton twirlers, the figure skaters ... and drool ... I so wanted sequined anything. But of course you can't have sequined anything on a dairy farm because you might spook the cows and then they would not let their milk down which, in prairie speak is equivalent to the end of the world ...(which in my mind was not necessarily a bad thing. I mean who would really miss the prairies besides the deer and the antelope and some gophers?)


But I escaped the prairies and no-one worries in the cities about milk not being let down. Nursing mothers are now nursing until their kids are 23 and they are immune to the scary sparkle of sequins ...they are dedicated milk flowers ...

I have choices now.

So at least once a week I put on my sequined shorts, my tap dancing shoes ... and grab a baton and I march around the local shopping mall throwing in some triple salchows when the aisles are clear.

I sparkle. I am not ashamed to claim that. I SPARKLE!!


Once I convince my hubby to come with me, I would like to try some amazing lifts.

Sequins sparkle more when they are closer to God.

SKIN:  .::Wow Skins::. Anna
HAIR:  tram  A405 hair / shell&creamyellow
EYES:  IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Blue
TOP:  (Kunglers) Marion sash blouse - Candy
SHORTS:  (Kunglers) Gigi - sequined shorts - silver
SHOES:  Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (BlackBerry) v1.31
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