Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Real Model.


I pretty much know that I am not a model in real life. I admit I lived under the illusion for awhile when I first came into Second Life. It is a lot easier than you might imagine. Especially if you close your eyes really tight when you go by mirrors.


But my eyes are wide open now. I realize that I can't be a real model because in real life I do not spend hours in front of a mirror, practicing my angles, which way to stand that is most flattering for the camera etc.

The camera thing is a real problem. It is hard to stand and then run to try and click the picture. I just never got the knack of that. For me I was posing and the camera was just sitting there on the bed and I had no real feedback on if that pose was better than the last one. I would have asked hubby but during that time his eyes kept rolling to the back of his head whenever he saw me which, technically, is not much different than closing them. So what good would he have been?

So ya, I know now I am not a model in real life. I can't even smile with my eyes. And "working it" around this neighbourhood means you get changed out of your pajamas and wear an unfaded pair of sweat pants. Real models live next door to people who have film cameras in their houses broadcasting their dysfunction on television.

Yup I have to live real life with my eyes wide open now ....


And hubby and I both scream when we see me in the mirror ... who wants to stick around to worry about angles?

SKIN:  Dream Ink SF Tiana
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Light
LASHES:  GLOW Avantgarde
GOWN: Terra D'Ombra Juliette
JEWELLERY:  Addiction Antique Blossom in Pearl Set
SHOES:  GoK- Cubic Chain Heels Black
PROP:  Mad Mamma House
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