Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 Devilish Designs

VF 2012 Devilish Designs

I relate to the whole Devilish part of these outfits because when I tried to get out of the house as a teen with shorts on that were this short my grandparents had an epileptic fit - simultaneously - and then I remember a lot of screaming and everything went black ...

I woke up in the basement of the church with a bunch of old ladies praying over me and eating cookies and sipping green koolaid.

Devil Damone should probably avoid my grandparents on account of they seem to be able to inflict some kind of restraining order on the Devil.  Just in case they show up at the Vanity Fair, you should probably run right down there and get your sexy shorts while there is time.  If you see green koolaid stains around the booth .... too late ... move along ....

SKIN: Exodi Sienna
HAIR:  Kin-Maeva-[Blonde]
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
TATTOO:  SAS Face Deco VIP Black
SHORT OUTFIT:   ! Devilish Designs  RawR Cheetah Top and Shorts Vanity Fair
LINGERIE:  ! Devilish Designs Intoxicating Lace Vanity Fair
TOP:  ! Devilish Designs Sizzlin Mesh Tube Top Teal Print Vanity Fair
JEWELLERY:   Ear Candy ~  Boat Load of Beads Set in GOLD
POSE:  Bebo

Vanity Fair

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