Monday, July 30, 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 Eclat, AnaShapes & MTC Designs

VF 2012 Eclat

Ahimsa Balut offers 2 body suits and a pair of shoes for Vanity Fair. Of course, you need a body to put the suits on otherwise I guess they would just be suits and then everyone would be confused.

VF 2012 Ana Shapes

In keeping with the theme,Analy Amat provides several shapes (including male) which provide the basic body for you to skin and then apply the body suit.

VF 2012 MTC Designs

And finally, once you have your body, your body suit, you can add clothes like these provided by MW Boa. Vanity Fair has it all ... AND more ... lots more ...

HAIR:   TRUTH Kase -  dark browns
             [!SyDS! Hair] La fleur du chignon - Rose
             Vanity Hair::Sunset Blvd.-blacks
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean

BODY SUITS:  *[Eclat]* - Vain - White (Vanity Fair Exclusive)
*[Eclat]* - Vain Black (Vanity Fair Exclusive)
SHOES: *[Eclat]* - Vain Mesh Heels (Vanity Fair Exclusive)
Beatriz Model &Ninah 

Exotica Purple Top
Off Shoulders Sweater Charcoal
Dress Retro Clean

 Vanity Fair

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