Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 Expensive.

VF 2012 Expensive 1

Isabel Boa of Expensive is offering some cute dresses for Vanity Fair.  I love the racing stripes on her bi-color dresses because when you wear something like people should definitely do up their seat belts and be ready for speed ....

Red and black for a more sophisticated evening out to celebrate (with champagne of course) after the big win!

VF 2012 Expensive 2

However if you think the evening lends itself more to race stripes - go for it.  I will write you a note that you have my permission to break any rule you wanna ...

SKIN:  *League* Amber Skin Medium Blonde
HAIR:  *Dura-Girl*37(Black)
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
EYELASHES:  Garage V.5
DRESS:  Expensive BiColor Dress
               Expensive Tube Dress
JEWELLERY:  Ticky Tacky A Bitch Never Changes
                        Ganked Firestarter
                        ByKay Noelle


Vanity Fair

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