Monday, July 30, 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 Tentacio

VF 2012 Tentacio 1

Apple May from Tentacio has some bright and fun treats for Vanity Fair this year.

VF 2012 Tentacio 2

From tshirts that slip and slide and peek a boo in all the right places ....

VF 2012 Tentacio 3

To great bags full of goodies ....

VF 2012 Tentacio 4

To pretty lingerie. Check it out!!

HAIR:  Seeking for Beauty Glitter New River (NLA)
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
OUTFITS:  Tentacio
     Darcy Tops
     Denim Shorts
     Nina Bags
     Radikal Tops
     Vanity Lingerie


Vanity Fair

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