Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VF 2012 JeSyLiLo Scarlett

VF Jesylilo Scarlett 1

Scarlett may be my favourite of all the JeSyLiLo Skins done to date.

My personal experience with these skins has been the amazing journey that LiLo Glom has made from her beginning to now. I am not sure if anyone is more generous with their group gifts than she is. She is so committed to her customers and is always asking for input and surprising us with another new creation. She is one of those designers who embraces the whole experience and works with everyone as a team. I am sure that everyone who works with her feels like she is indeed a friend.

Make sure you check out Vanity Fair Starting this weekend and stop by JeSyLiLo's booth ... she has a lovely gift skin as well.

VF Jesylilo Scarlett 2


Vanity Fair

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