Monday, July 2, 2012

Where Do Puppets Come From?


If you are at all like me, you probably lay awake at night wondering about things ... like how the first puppets cames to be.


(It would be really fun hear, if you are at the office, to go run off a picture of my face and put it over your own face and get some elastic bands and use them to hold the picture really tight so that no-one knows it is not me and then you can actually see what it is like to be me and everyone in your office will be like wanting your autograph and everything ...)

Oh ya ... the puppets.  I figure it happened in cowboy times on account of cowboys had to sit out on the lone prairie late at night around the campfire.  The horses wouldn't talk to them because they were pissed about the whole spurs thing ... and the steers wouldn't talk to them because well ... no-one would talk to you either if you castrated them...

So when they were hunting for something to eat I know they should have been thinking ... "hmmm steer/gopher .... steer/gopher" ... and chosen the steer that was right there blinking at them ... but for some reason they just went straight for the gopher.  I think they were genetically engineered not to eat their work.  In fairness though they were known to eat prairie oysters as they did learn some things from the Indians about not wasting BUT that may have also contributed to some of the animosty between the steers and the cowboys ...

And then I think, after they had gopher stew with bisquits and hot coffee .... they probably looked at what was left of the gophers (because it would take a lot of gophers to feed a hungry cowboy - in fact those proportions are still used today when they make hungry man TV dinners)  and someone thought it would be funny to put on a little play using the gophers as the actors.

They probably used toothpicks to pull the fur around their hands and hold it together and made used flowers and grass and leaves to make costumes.


Yup ... I am pretty sure that is how puppets came to be and probably the musical "Oklahoma" as well.  At least that is what I thought about last night lying in bed ....

Then I rolled over and cried a little bit because I don't think we have ever appreciated the cowboy for the contributions they made to musical theatre.

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