Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Another rainy winter day in Australia. Even hubby is getting grumpy he is missing out on golf. I am missing out on him being gone to golf.

I have been working on some tedious, in front of the television type of stuff. For some reason when it is colder and rainy, it feels like the right thing to do .... conserve energy and heat ... fight the urge to get up and do something more active ... preserve the species.

I do have to say that I now have learned so much about how to murder someone and not get caught, I could make a career change. Where do you apply for that kind of thing and are there benefits? Vacation? Paid maternity leave?

I could also try a case anywhere in the world. Oh oh ... and use a pen to get an airway in the throat, or amputate a limb out in the bush. Would I be a fun date or what??

I am not sure why my parents panicked so much about me watching television as a kid ... it has taught me some of the best stuff ever ... and in just a week!! And let's face it .. . half the stuff I learned in school has been completely useless to me. This stuff is relevant to life.

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