Friday, July 6, 2012

Your Secrets Are Safe With Me.


My hubby usually golfs with 3 of our good friends. Every time he comes home, I ask him how he did and if anything interesting came up.


The answer is always "no." Evidently when you are a man playing golf, you go and you hit the ball over and over, swear a lot, or pat each other's bum, drink beer, pick up your meat voucher for winning (I know! I have been here 7 years now and am still clueless as to this LOVE AFFAIR between the Aussies and all things meat)and come home. The other wives ask the same question and get the same answer.

And then out of the clear blue he shares something that he could only know because someone told him ON THE GOLF COURSE.

So I changed my tactic and started asking him if he SAID anything to anyone on the golf course.


"Have you EVER told other people on the golf course, any of our secrets?" ( At this point I  had him tied to the chair, a spotlight in his face, and a cattle prod sitting on the table beside me.)


"So you never ever share with anyone else ANY of my secrets I have shared with you."


"You wouldn't even accidentally let them slip out one day without thinking?"

"Nope Never."

"Everyone makes mistakes, how can you be so darn sure of yourself?"


"Listen babe, your secrets are always safe with me.  When you talk ...

... I never pay attention."

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