Friday, August 24, 2012

A Fine Line.


When my great great (blah blah blah) great aunt was finally ready to move into a more manageable seniors suite - they turned her house into a museum.


I was just grateful they did not insist that she stay as one of the exhibits.

Before that happened she had a big family reunion at her farm. A family reunion at the farm means a bunch of people pull up in their vehicles in the middle of a field, you open your doors, everyone spills out, roasts weiners, eats potato salad and drinks koolaid and waits for more than 3 of the kids to get sick so everyone can go home.

OH ... and there are always pictures.

I mean once the kids cheeks are pinched and the black sheep shunned and the weather sorted out ... what else do families talk about anyway?

But this time she decided it was time to let us all up into the attic and that we should all carry away bits and pieces of our heritage with us. There were ceremonial cloggers dancing and a guy playing a fiddle as the door to the attic swung open and we were invited up.  I have some kind of brown leathery stuff that says "Great Aunt Maude" on it. I left it in the envelope because I really do not know whether it is a piece of a dress she once had, a cow she once milked, or a piece of herself. I don't wanna know.

Some relatives, and their crafts ... should just stay in the closet. I mean what am I supposed to do with it now? Why should I be burdened with it?

My Aunt showed us the pictures that had been embroidered using people's hair. You know we "tsk tsk" about the Native Indians scalping the white man but really ... just because we arranged our stolen hair into pretty little flowers and words that rhyme .... does it make it any nicer?


You know it is a really fine line between a hobby and insanity ....

Just saying ....

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