Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are The Olympics Over Yet?


I think I have OD'd on Olympic competition.


Hubby tells me that last night he woke up and I was standing on the bed, with a gold candlestick tied with a towel around my neck and me singing the national anthem.

I told him not to be ridiculous ... he had to be dreaming ...

He said it was more like a nightmare ... especially the singing part.


Good thing I got up before him and hid the horse, the jumps, the sparkled suits, the hoola hoops,  the ribbons and the judges.  It was hard to get the crowd to go home ... man those Albanians like to party.
SKIN:  *OC* Alena skin - rage
HAIR:  Alli&Ali Raina Hair
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
JEWELLERY:  Donna Flora DIANA quartz set
GOWN:  *OC* Silver Flowers
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