Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Closing Ceremonies ALA Me - We May Never Recover.


I tried to set up the closing ceremonies in keeping with the original - Royal Family (check) Spice Girls (check) Old Has Beens Rock Stars (check) blatant blowing of one's own horn (ok I borrowed the horn) (check) and of course lots of smoke and mirrors, explosions, sparkly stuff and screaming.


I couldn't understand why no-one in the neighbourhood wanted to play Camilla or the Chuckster ... we clearly designated the less attractive people to play the Royal Family and then insisted the ugliest take either of those roles. I mean they at least got to sit through the whole ceremony while some of us had to set other people on fire, lip sync and spice up everyone's life.


I don't know why the costume people had such a fit about the whole deal ... I mean yes the costumes were burned a little but for crying out loud it was all in the name of community pride and world peace .... well except for the neighbour we tied up and pinned on the name "Camilla" ... I don't think she is ever going to forgive any of us.

SKIN:  *OC* Alena skin - rage
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
JEWELLERY:  A&A Fashion Dream Gold Earrings
NAILS:  A&A Fashion  Dangerous Nails GOLD
OUTFIT:  M&M catsuitgold-MESH
SHOES:  BM Ultimate Lara Pumps - Blacks
POSES:   Bent

(want the full story of my Olympic Closing Ceremonies? See here.)

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