Monday, August 20, 2012

Drummers for Sale.


Throughout life some people have suggested we should march to beat of our own drummer. That confused me a lot.


I didn't have a drummer. All the good ones were taken. I didn't even particularly like the drums and the dudes who play the drums in the marching bands tend to be the ones who look most like drums themselves. Of course that was before the Movie of the Week Genre made being in a marching band, a glee club, or a clogging group, look cool. Frankly I think you could use that example as the most conclusive evidence that movies are not real and that it could be detrimental to your health for kids to actually emulate those examples.

And I would like to point out that when you march around in life people tend to think you are some kind of freak. Cool does not lift knees. Probably because cool's pants are hanging around its knees and you would end up on your ass if you tried to lift a knee.


And finally ... some marching bands have bagpipes. What the hell do you do with extra bagpipes in your life?

SKIN:  **SHINE** Ivanna skin Pinkglitter Pale
HAIR:  Vanity Hair::Playful
EYES: Agnes Fantasy Beaute Eyes Dearest Mine
LASHES:  Obscene
DRESS:  ~Sassy!~ Bombshell dress - red
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers Extra) Orquidea - Garnet
SHOES:  N-core Group Gift "Classic Stiletto"
POSES:  Juxtapose

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