Thursday, August 30, 2012

In The Moonlight.

GITH 812ca

I was out staring at the moon the other night.... no biggy ... just out standing in my yard in my yellow cow onesy jammies staring.

GITH 812da

Then I heard this "Pssst Blissy .... what the HELL are you doing out there?"

And I was like ... "Who wants to know?"

And I heard, "Who else would even try to talk to you standing outside dressed like that? It's me, your husband, could you PLEASE come inside and stop doing that?"

"I didn't recognize your whisper voice. We clearly should whisper to each other more. I mean what if we were trying to escape Zombies in a dark tunnel and I heard someone whisper "I'm over here." and then someone else whispered "NO, it's a trick, that's the Zombie, I am over here." I wouldn't know which was which and I might think the Zombie was you.

"Ok, ya I will whisper more, but could you please come inside and stop doing that out there?"

"I am just staring at the moon, it improves the eyesight."

"I will buy you new glasses ... PULLLEASE. The neighbours already think you are weirder than weird and your trap door is open in your jammies and frankly, cute ass, but do we have to share with the whole neighbourhood?"

Then suddenly I thought to myself what if the Zombies had already broken into the house and that situation I just described was happening now?  Could I have foreshadowed my own impending doom?  I have had my writing compared to Shakespeare I don't know how many times.  I had to be cautios.  "How can I be sure that you are my husband? I am just taking your word for it."

"Would anyone else say you have a cute ass?"

GITH 812ba

Sometimes the price of being right or proving your point is way more than it is worth .... and men should learn that. My husband will be doing public service announcements to that effect coming soon to a YouTube near you.

Sometimes the smartest thing after you have inserted your foot into your mouth is just to go throw yourself on the mercy of the zombies.

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