Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremonies Up a Notch or Two.


I watched the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. I have a few comments.


I was just thinking that it is kind of rude for the Spice Girls to sing out "tell me what you want, what you really really want," and then not listening to me screaming at the television.

They wanted us to "spice up our lives" and I bought it ... even though they are no longer the young bouncing, "life is a party" girls. Posh forgot how to smile, Baby Spice needs a new name, Ginger spice - well no-one really wanted her back in the day let alone now, and all of them have either forgotten how to eat or how to stop eating over the years. They are all moms now and it just is not the same ... seriously isn't.

Kids today like their rock stars having public melt downs. They don't want someone named Jenny coaching them through it all. Scary Spice is not that Scary when she is all suburbanized.

Still I thought they did ok. I just thought they needed to lift their sight from beyond mediocre and do something spectacular.

jsdc 1

What I really really wanted was for those cabs to just like floor it around the track with them standing on the roof. And then I thought they could have like a demolition derby. Kind of like when you yank open the spice door too quickly and everything goes flying ....

I also thought the models could have done some mud wrestling. Maybe the Royal Family too. It would give new meaning to a Royyyyyyyal Rummmmble. It could be a whole new start of the Olympic Closing Ceremony Sports with gold medals, steroids, biased refs and THAT would have been exciting.

Oh and everyone should get a "Participation" ribbon ... to go with all the bowling and spelling bee ribbons in their personal scrap books.

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