Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Piece Pant Suits Should Come With A Warning.


When I got my first one piece pant suit I laid awake all night before the big date.


I tossed and turned and turned and tossed and then I got up to pee and thought about throwing up.

All I could think of was that in order to go to the bathroom on my date I would have to get practically undressed and what if I couldn't get my pantsuit off in time and I peed myself?

OR what if my heel caught in the pantsuit and I fell over into the toilet and they had to call the firemen to rescue me????

What if there was a fire alarm and I had to run out with my pantsuit around my ankles? What if someone broke into the bathroom and kicked open my stall and there I was ... naked as a jay bird?

Naked is sexy when you have time to pose and have a wind machine but I was pretty sure that my reactive model senses would not kick in that quick and instead of being scintillating the whole thing would just be fodder for the snicker gang around the coffee pot the next morning? I have been fodder so many times that the rumour mills have approached me to be their spokesvictim.

In the end I decided to forego the pantsuit and have been terrified of them ever since.


Some people say my fears are unrealistic but fodder is not usually admitted into MENSA for a reason.

SKIN:  Akeruka Meg V2
HAIR:  Alli & Ali Hair Soraya
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
LASHES:  [the Obscene] Lashes
EARRINGS:  :+*R*+: Viola Pierced Earrings
EVENING PANTS:  Agnes Vicky Black
POSES:  Juxtapose

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