Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Greatest Fear.


Ok I admit I have always been a kind of free spirit, bucking the system, doing my own thing, bucking the system ... bucking bucking and more bucking ... but let's put that in perspective shall we? (You should nod here ... it makes me feel like you care what I am typing) On the farm that could be as simple as choosing NOT to wear plaid and knit moose sweaters. It could mean that you say "no" to curling or that you don't care for milk. I mean those things could seem crazy and out of control to a grandparent and their croonies on the farm but let's be real ... those things are hardley ever never the substance of websites like "girls gone wild."


So when I grew up (I actually did at one point) it cames as some surprise to me that my grandmother confessed that their greatest fear for me was that I was going to end up in some hippie commune or singing with my guitar on the street.

Their greatest fear.

Umm ... technically isn't a hippie commune basically a "farm?" And re: the "on the streets playing guitar comment ..." when you decided to turn down the recording contract offered to me ... I guess staying at a hotel and singing in an auditorium or being able to afford my own house was an even scarier proposition right?

Are guitars evil? Cause you bought me my guitar ... Isn't that kinda like being against grafitti and worrying your kid is going to get arrested for it and then buying them their own set of spray paint?


Ok so the truth is out ... in my youth ... I experimented with guitars .... I am sooo ashamed ....

SKIN:  Akeruka Meg V2 Light Mk8
HAIR:  (Milana) Aimee
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
LASHES:  [the Obscene] Lashes
BRACELET:  [ skream! ] Night Out Bracelet
NECKLACE:  [chuculet] ysa - necklace - silver
PURSE:  Ear Candy ~ Vacation Shoulder Bag with Sunglasses
SKIRT OUTFIT:  [DeColores Inc.]Psly Black Boho Outfit
SHOES:  *SLAVE* Beads Sandals MESH
POSES:  Izumiya
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