Monday, August 27, 2012

People In Crisis and My Fount of Help.

PM 812a

There were two neighbours out shouting at one another on the road today, so being a good neighbour ... I did the right thing.

PM 812b

I immediately ran out to mediate. I took my portable desk and some lawn chairs and insisted we all sit down and discuss the issues.

I hugged them both first ... because hugging is therapy and everyone needs to know they are loved. I actually think the world would be a much better place if we hugged first and then went about our business. Like instead of telling you to get out of the car and holding a gun on you, it would be nice if policemen got you out of the car and hugged you BEFORE they pulled their guns. I know it would make me feel a whole lot better about being tazed.

Then we sat down and I showed them my power point presentation with all those Pinterest slides that say nice things about loving one another and being kind. I also showed them a couple of recipes too because you tell me when chocolate is wrong ... and it goes without saying I threw in a couple of fluffy kitties being adorable. Then I sang Kum Ba Ya for them and I chanted and burned incense.

PM 812d

I was just going to ask them what the problem was when the one got up and told me to "F**k off" and got his Bible and his pictures of Jesus and got in the car and drove away.

The other one ran after the car screaming for her dad to wait for her ...

Turns out they weren't neighbours at all.

If I had known they were just a family in crisis I would have shown them some reruns of "7th Heaven."

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