Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Weekend Play.


You all know the Weekend Play -the names and the costumes might change - but the plot is the same.


Our play started with me hearing some noise outside and I looked to see hubby putting the ladder up, half on the grass, half in the flower bed as he grabbed his tools and climbed the ladder. He was finally going to trim the row of trees outside my office window. I watched as he got up the ladder and sort of laid the "saw thingy" in the trees and grabbed some branches and began to snip them off. They fell on him and over him as he leaned ever further to grab some more branches.

I watched as the ladder began to wobble.

I opened the window and asked if he wanted me to come out and help him at all.

"what would you do to help?"

"Oh ... I don't know ... hold the ladder for you or something?"

"Naaa ... I'm fine and if I fall anyways ... it's not that far to the ground."

Yes we all know the ending ... he fell ... amongst the branches and the angry bees and the little birds confused to have their flowers all cut off their beloved trees.


And the thing is when they come in and are standing there next to you ... scrapped and bleeding, bee stung, bird pecked, dirty, torn shorts ... and they look out and ask you what you think of the job they did ... who has the heart to say anything but, "It looks awesome!!"

The end.

SKIN:  [:ME:] Rachel Tan Skintone (SYSP August)
HAIR:  JADE Hair "Emma" Rose
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
LASHES:  **NOYA** VIP-GIFT VAMP eye lashes
DRESS:  Tukinowaguma Rebecca Onepiece Red
BOOTS:  LE Charme RC Ramona Grey

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