Friday, August 3, 2012

VANITY FAIR 2012 AnDreChi, Gallant, Beaute Unique Boudoir

VF 2012 AnDreChi

Chinita Andrel of AnDreChi has some great tops and a dress for Vanity Fair.

  VF 2012 Gallant

Gallant skins offers Cassie. She comes in 4 different skin tones - each with 4 different make-ups and some extra options. Lani Garnet is the designer here.

VF 2012 B U B

Lots of fun from Beaute Unique Boudoir and Dubraska Constantine with brightly coloured bracelts, fun flats, sunglasses and a summer top.

HAIR:  * Zero Style *Orie*
            [Shag] - She Sells Sanctuary
            [Shag] - Black Tie Affair
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
LASHES:  [:ME:] Superbia EyeLashes
OUTFITS:  "=AnDreChi="  - Mesh Drop Shirt
                  "=AnDreChi="  Lunar  Dress
                  "=AnDreChi="  Mesh Sweater
                  "=AnDreChi=" Mesh Shoulder Sweater
                  "=AnDreChi=" Mesh_Ladies Off-shoulder Blouse 

SKINS:  [ Gallant ]  Cassie Summer Tan Skin- Fat Pack 4 Makeups 

SHOES:   ::B::U::B:: Ballet flags
BRACELETS:  ::B::U::B:: Bracelet
SUNGLASSES: ::B::U::B:: Unique sunglasses
TOP:  ::B::U::B:: Disco mesh

 Vanity Fair

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