Saturday, August 4, 2012

VANITY FAIR 2012 Censored

VF 2012 Censored 1

Cindy Oysternatz of Censored provides these great blouses and matching pants for Vanity Fair. Lots of fun to mix and match these.

VF 2012 Censored 2

Some muted colours for a bit of a changed from the bright spring colours, which could easily take you from day to evening with a change of some jewellery and hair.

VF 2012 Censored 3

And a deceptively sexy dress that makes use of the modern icons usually prescribed to tshirts. Mom and dad would probably smile and wave you out the door .... as long as you don't turn around. The bow is a cute addition to all the backside sexiness.

SKIN:  :F: Nathalie
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
LASHES:  E'Dior Beauty Eyelashes 06
TOPS:  .::CENSORED::. Amelie Set_ Blouse
PANTS:  .::CENSORED::. Amelie Set_ Pants
DRESSES:  .::CENSORED::. Paris Dress
EARRINGS:   :+*R*+: Queen Pierced Earrings
                       [[SHADE THRONE]] ACCESSORIES SET #2
                       BC BLACK GLOW EARRINGS
SHOES:  Tousled - Free Basic Pumps (NLA)

 Vanity Fair

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