Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 Peer, Step inSide and Julys

VF 2012 PEER

Phinneas Vella of Peer will hopefully forgive me ... I am not an a hot gay man but I wanted to at least show his clothes. He brings some options to Vanity Fair that are worth a look.

VF 2012 Step inSide

Lany Jun of Step inSide has a whole pack of funky make-ups and lipsticks that are always great when you are looking for something different.

VF 2012 JULYs

July Collins of Julys provides some really well done shirts that are sure to be appreciated.

SKIN:  dekade Skins Brooke (NLA)
HAIR:  Alli&Ali Carlotta
            Alli&Ali Isis
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
LASHES:  E'Dior Beauty 06
BELT:  Prelude Twiggy (NLA)
SCARF: Malt Twilly Neck Tie
JEWELLERY:  *SiSSi* Squarish Complete Set Light
PURSE:  Dark Mouse Beach Bag
               Dark Mouse Vinyl Quilted Bag
SHOES: [Amarelo Manga] - Summer Pumps [French Blue]
              " MAAI " - " Supergirl " plastic pumps, dark purple
PANTS:  PEER Swirl Crack Jeans
               PEER Baggies
TOP:  PEER Button Ups
          *.JULYs.* Blouse
MAKE-UP:  Vanity Fair Exclusives *Step inSide*

Vanity Fair

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