Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wet Moccasins.


Life is divided into two types of people when you think about it. Actually it is divided into two groups whether you think about it or not. It is just if you don't think about it you may be a lot happier and get to sleep earlier. If you are not thinking right at this moment, perhaps you should just go do something else and not read on.   I think the Zombies are having a convention somewhere and you should be with your people.


There are basically those types of people who see the movie Psycho and who just continue to shower willy nilly and then there are those people who either stop showering completely or at the very least always check behind the shower curtain first.

Those people are insane of course.

Seriously, so you check and find the guy with the knife ... what's the game plan? Now you know you are an idiot for showering and that you are also dead cause he knows that you know that he is there. At least if you shower and you don't know he is in the shower with you he might think, "wow, this person is incredibly cool in the face of great danger, I admire that, and seeing as she has not even seen me, I am going to go and climb in someone else's shower and murder them."

I am one of those people. (not the one climbing in other people's shower, the one who is being admired.)


I like to ignore all the people who end up in the shower with me because you never really know why they do the things they do and if you did you would probably be wearing their wet moccasins or something.

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