Monday, August 27, 2012

What The Girl At The Next Farm Taught Me.


We were kind of left to our own devices when we were growing up. I think the plan was have a bunch of kids, make them work the fields and tend the cattle, send them to school, teach them to curl, and every once in awhile throw a barn dance and let them "do si do" each other and "it will all come out right."


So when the wiser and older girl at the next farm asked us what we knew about kissing and sex, we were all ears. Anything was better than more talk about the wheat. She told us a long story about what she had heard which basically ended with "you will get pregnant and die if you have sex."

We were so confused about what "sex" was and what it "wasn't" after she was done that neither one of us saw it in our future and we agreed to never talk about it again. We also agreed that the wiser and older girl at the next farm was weird ...

... and probably too old for us to hang out with.

We were scared stupid. Neither one of us wanted to die, although I suspect we both harboured secret wishes regarding each other ... at least I know I did about my brother.

We never saw that older and wiser girl at the next farm again. My grandfather said she mysteriously died after the barn dance that summer.


The more I think about it ... I think that older and wiser girl at the next farm looked an awful lot like my grandfather in a dress and a wig.

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