Friday, August 10, 2012

When You Can Can.


I watched westerns growing up. Not because I wanted to but because I simply knew I was not going to win against 5 grown men and as tough as my grandmother could be at times, without real teeth ... we didn't stand a chance.


I had a choice - role models could be senior citizen church women in aprons with their tightly permed hair OR Saloon Girls. I had no idea what Saloon Girls really did just that they got to wear nicer outfits, the men liked them a lot and they dance around on the stage and did this cool thing where they threw their skirts over their heads. I was so in.

Sunday dresses, however ruffly, just do not flounce enough. I needed ruffly dresses for older women.

I did what I had to.


I raided my grandfather's closet.

SKIN:  *OC* Alena skin - rage
HAIR:  *OC* Orchid hair - Crazy hunt
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Cerulean
JEWELLERY:  $GaNKeD$ Shyayn Jewelry Set
OUTFITS:  BB - Bubblez Burlesque Outfit
BOOTS: Pixelfashion :)(: Elika Booties Black V1.1

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