Friday, September 14, 2012

Accidental Hugs.


I like people ... kind of ... I just don't like them so much when you squish them all up against me in a confined space.


This may be the one and only time where I wish like hell that I actually was in the box and that it had sharp corners and by twirling I could actually eliminate all those people that are wayyy too close.


People shouldn't be allowed to accidentally hug you in public simply because after you reach the point of no return in closeness to another person ... you have to hug ... if for no other reason but to make sure that no other body parts touch one another inapporpriately because then it is called something else ...

I want accidental hug police ... armed and ready ... everywhere ...

SKIN:  [:ME:] Vanity Tan Skintone
TEETH:  [:ME:] Vanity Tan Skintone
HAIR: Vanity Hair::Milano-blacks
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Dark
LASHES:  KA Kira Ahn
PANTIES:  *RD* Black Maeve Picks Gift
DRESS:  r2 A/D/E sleeveless dress [peach]
EARRINGS:  RYCA Earring Strong Gold
SHOES:  [HANDverk]Rose Pump.butter
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