Wednesday, September 26, 2012



I am a busy bee these days ... I even heard myself buzzing at one point and I was nowhere near my vibrator, I swear!


It is to the point that I am thinking I may have to start one of those Facebook pages about totem insects or something cause I see bees everywhere. They are following me.


How do I let them know - gently - that while I am a goddess, a queen of all I survey .... I am NOT actually THEIR Queen???

SKIN:   SYS-Project -...::: AV!SAGE :::... Saphoria  -  Nude
TEETH:  Mirror's Enigma
MAKEUP:  { birdy. } color me
HAIR:  Alli&Ali Fianna Hair
EYES:  IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
LASHES:  *Cloe Eyelashes* Free Spirit! Pink (NLA)
HEAD FLOWER:  p.c frida rose
LEGGINGS:  ::HH:: Hucci Power Abstract Leggings - Summer
PURSE:  Ear Candy Mesh Purse Pink
SHOES: bis[k]uit

Ever wonder how my mind works that I come up with all this stuff?? Well ... I have no idea BUT if you enjoy this Blog you might be interested in Bliss/Aria's other blogs - find out more at Intertwingled. Join us on Facebook!
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