Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crochet is Back In.


Whoot! Crocheting is back in. You have no idea what a craze this was in the 70's.

All of a sudden all the church ladies in the basement (where else would you expect them to be??) could do more than doilies and tablecloths!  And it was a good thing too because after you have doilied and tableclothed the entire prairies of Canada and some of the kicking and screaming city folk ... what else is there?


There was almost an uprising at one time with the Ukranians saying "No No NO ... let's do pretty eggs this year for church women crafts" and the Maritimers saying, "lets do practical crochet - here's a fish net." and the French people saying "we don't wanna do anything those English church people are doing, they speak the wrong language and they belong to the wrong church!"

So when the 70's came along and brought macrame (haha Aussies say MAH-CRAW-MAY and Canadians say MAC-RA-MAY ... And the French don't say anything cause they don't do it - it interferes with their baking more croissants) and crocheted ponchos and afghans ... everyone peed their pants ... all at once ... all of them ...

Thank heavens they all had extra tablecloths.

It took awhile for the farmer ladies to get their heads around passing by the blacks, browns and greys they used in their cable knit moose sweater and trying oranges and greens but they eventually were won over when the "Prairie Wives Weekly" said no-one would be put to death if they tried those out.    That ... and there was a sale at the hardware and bailer emporium.

So they knit afghans and ponchos and every kid had an orange and brown A&W bedspread and and a brown poncho with orange pompoms.  (Yes, they embraced the pompommedness of life ... those 70's were a pretty wild time and those church women were out of the basement and completely out of control)

And then the church mothers began to entice their daughters to learn how to crochet and so they kidnapped us and made us part of the crochet cult - feeding us finger sandwiches, drilling single and double crochets into our head without sleep, making us drink the green kool-aid until we were making granny squares and drooling in the corner. 

And then one girl began to spit her green kool aid out when they weren't looking and she got her own ideas and she crocheted herself a bikini.    And  everyone "oohed" and "ahhed"  and was envious on account of it was pink and pretty and not an afghan or a poncho. 

And then came the day of the church picnic at the irrigation canal and she jumped in the water and everything was fine until she got out of the water.  Suddenly all the men were "oohing" and "ahhing" and were much more interested in  crocheting than they had ever been.  Even some cows joined in although they might have been "mooing" and not "oohing."  

Crochet and water do not mix well. 

And then we were forbidden to crochet so we were left to try and gather doilies and arranged them on ourselves to make dresses because some of us were reading fashion magazines that were not put out by Sears at Christmas time.  And there was more "oohing" and "ahhing" on account of the "Rose Beauty" design had a lot of holes in it and had the same impact as the crocheted bikini sans the water.

Then came the great grounding.  Some of the groundings went on so long those ladies are still in their rooms, hoping when their time comes to go to the nursing home, they might be allowed to date.


Yes, winter came ... and old age ... I am not sure in which order that was but we were cold and saggy and no-one was "oohing" and "ahhing" and the moment was lost and we put down our crochet hooks.

This is a sad story isn't it?

But now thanks to SL we can relive the magic and take out those horrible pics of us in our 70's doily dresses and replace them with morphedness.

I like the reverse ones, where I use my head and my SL body.

The crochet looks fab!!!

SKIN:  SYS-Project - A V I S A G E Marya (huge sale going on at the moment)
HAIR:  *Dura-Girl*27(Blonde)
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
JEWELLERY:  {SMS} Native Bead Set Magenta
DRESS:  DCNY_Stretch Crochet Dress_Cerise
SHOES:   Carmen's SeeLena Pink
POSES:  Miamai Poses

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