Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippo


So you know how your mom always said that whatever you put in your mind, stayed in your mind and so you should be careful what you put in there? Ok, I am never sure whether it was her, or the Easter Bunny ... or maybe the Minister ... or it could even be like that guy with tinfoil on his head that hung out at the Subway ... but SOMEONE said it.


Well I blame them and thank heavens I have enough blame to go around considering I am not sure who said what in my life BUT I am sure about this next part. FACEBOOK triggered it. So I figure I have some form of PTSD in that it started with a nightmare and it was definitely triggered. FACEBOOK does those dumb things where they say "Hit like if you remember this." Oh wait ... more blame again ... maybe it is not FACEBOOK ... maybe it is people on my FACEBOOK. But I don't really know any of the people on my Facebook as I proved when they closed my compromised account for my own protection and said I could have it back when I named the 5 pictures they showed me. These were people who were my "friends." The problem was 2 fold. First there weren't 5 friends to show and second of all ... I forgot who the other two were. Mom and Dad did not speak to me for almost a week.

Anyways I had this trigger where someone posted the Hungry Hungry Hippo Game and then when I went to bed I dreamt Hippos were chasing me everywhere and I was running screaming while still looking fab as you can see.

Risk 1a

So ya now I am suing everyone, Mom, Dad, FACEBOOK, the Easter Bunny, HIPPO game people and I will let you know how it goes. I was very traumatized.

My hubby got pretty fed up with my screaming that the hippos were going to get me in the middle of the night.  He told me to just lie there and pretend to be a log because Hippo's have bad eye sight.

It soo worked.

I survived.

I am pretty sure I will be on TV soon on that show "I Survived." You should get the office to chip in some money for me because I am sure this story really tugged at your heart strings like when you see someone so beautiful who escaped death and you just think ... lets raise a whack load of money and give it to her because well ... she probably broke a nail ....

I did ... I broke 2 ...

SKIN:  .::BeautyCode::. Jenna Tan - Sweet Lips (SYS)
HAIR:  Miss C. - Hazal_
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
EARRINGS:  Ticky Tacky* Every Girl Must Have Pearls
DRESS:  BB - Angela Ruffle Dress (mesh)
SHOES:  Carmen's Monaj VIEWER 2 white
LOCATION:  Risk City

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