Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Can Always Tell.

Bilo Skirt 1209 2

My mother in law is haunting us  visiting again. It is spring and she feels the need to supervise the efforts of Mother Nature on account of well ... she is in charge of everything ... including Mother Nature.

Bilo Skirt 1209 1

I can always tell when she has been in my office because there is usually a blanket thrown over the computer screen. She feels that naked avatars might send the wrong message to "people." I am not sure what "people" she is referring to as there is usually just me and her and hubby here but I guess those concerns for your child never go away. I asked hubby about it once...

"How did your day go?"


"Any messages from anyone?"


"You sure, you know if someone tries to send you subliminal wrong messages or something, you can tell me. In fact, you should tell me ..."

"Well if someone did that, and I could tell you ... they wouldn't be subliminal would they?"

"OK well what about blatant ... any blatant wrong messages?"


"Have you seen my avatar naked?"

He assured me he had and that he didn't have any icky feelings or long term damage so I guess this is just another example of why I suck at being Mother of the Year cause I have no idea what my mother in law is talking about. I probably give wrong messages all the time and have no idea.

  Bilo Skirt 1209 4

I guess I should be happy she is throwing the blanket over the computer instead of me ... like she used to.

SKIN:   BAG ABS Michelle skin
HAIR:  [[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Dali Ditzie Tones
EYES:  Agnes_Beaute_Eyes_Dearest Mine
JEWELLERY:  Ear Candy ~ Darling Drops Set in Silver
TOP:  Ingenue :: Mignon :: Whitewash
SKIRT:  {bilo}Bahra Mermaid Skirt - Pine
SHOES:  BM Audrey Pumps - Blues & Greens
LOCATION:  Solaria
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