Monday, September 10, 2012



Ever notice that people who use MACS feel the need to tell everyone everywhere? It's like you are at a dinner party to raise money for Fire Proof Pants for Politicians who intend to campaign in the next year or so and you meet someone and you say something like, "Hi, my name is Blissy and I worked on the scorched earth project and you cannot have compassion for the earth without also feeling some compassion for our lying politicans. Someone or something has to cover their asses right?"

And they nod like they are on the same page and have something really insightful to add but then they say, "Hi I'm Betty and I use a MAC!"

And then there is this awkward pause where they stand there beaming and looking around like they are searching for the dude who is supposed to cue the band and the fire blazing baton twirlers but evidently the batons were confiscated at the door on account of we have not yet raised the money for the fire retardant pants and so no fire is allowed near the liars politicians.

And then people try to smile and nod and move away but those people have apps that allow them to track you ...

... and they do ...

... and then they wanna show you they have an app that can track people who do not want to talk to you at a fund raising party and isn't that the best?

It isn't.

You don't see PC people running around going "Hi my name is Betty and I use a PC."

Why not?

Because it is nobodies business what we choose to surf porn with.


This is why I think there should be laws against MAC users. I am pretty sure that they are mentioned in the bible somewhere as people who are going to hell ... and I know I coloured a picture in Sunday School once with Moses and a stone tablet that looked a hell of a lot like an iPAD.

I think they are trying to take over the world. MACdonalds??? Think about it. Is THAT just an accident?

What about the childhood songs like "Old MACdonald's Farm?"

PC users UNITE!


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