Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pigs Are Flying.


Herds of them. Flying around our heads like mosquitos those pigs are ....


My brother made a pig fly once and then my grandfather made my brother fly ... it was quite exciting to watch although Grandma was not impressed.  Grandmas frown at Grandpas quite a bit.  They don't say a whole lot on account of they are still not completely comfortable in their emancipated underwear but they have the frown thing nailed.  And Grandpas pretty much ignore the frowning on account of they don't have any new underwear at all and the world seems pretty much the way it always was to them ... at least where Grandmas are concerned.

I used to think that they would only fly when something absolutely unreal happened for the very first time but now I see all pigs have wings and we are surrounded by them. The world has gone to the Orwellian pigs. They are in special formations doing tricks even.


And we are so absorbed in our denial ... we just absently swat them and take another pic of ourselves eating cheese to post on Facebook!!

SKIN:  WoW Skins Sonia
HAIR:  !*Bliss Hair*! Mari Hair (Pomegranate/Saffron)
EYES:  IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
LASHES:  KA Lashes 01
JEWELLERY:  Donna Flora MOON set
DRESS:  Earth & Sky Maja peony for free - Pink Butterfly
SHOES:  p.c Suede Platform Pumps - Red
POSES:  MiaMai
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