Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Bowl Of Fruit.


I think we need to respect those women in tropical wonderlands that can walk around with bowls of fruit on their head because as a woman you need to ask yourself one question ... can you do it?


I saw it and immediately tried it and took out several of my fellow passengers. Death by flying bananna is NOT a pretty sight. Who knew that fruit, thrown and tumbled, could actually impale a human being? AND ... just to be clear ... once you have tossed your fruits it is not a good idea to suddenly pretend it was all planned, pull out the spinner and instruct one of the victims that his hand must touch the orange while his foot stays firmly planted on the pineapple. Evidently fruited and injured people become a little testy about having their broken feet moved.


Oh and Neither should you attempt to lick any of the victims. In fact, you should immediately tape the area off and declare it a "no-lick zone." I know, I know ... I am a fount of great knowledge, but it is just in my nature to be helpful like this.

SKIN:  .::WOW Skins::. Chiara special edition
HAIR:  TRUTH Dawson -  fades
EYES:  IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Black
LASHES:  - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3 p="p">
MAKE-UP:  MIASNOW Makeup - LOVE Eyeshadows 10pack Dark & Rainbow
TATTOO:  [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Black Number 17
PANTSUIT: *VoguE* Acacia Pant Set ~ Classic
BRACELET:  GOTZSCHE Wear. Plated Cuffs - Vulkan
SHOES:  Dreamscape Inc. Closed Toe High Heels With Buckles

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