Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Basket Weaving.


Yes it is true, I am shamelessly using catchy crafty titles to try and cash in on the big Craft craze going on at Pinterest. I think I can trick those people into clicking on my blog.   Evidently I no longer care about the quality of the people following me ... I just want to go out to dinner once with a bunch of social media experts and be able to establish my relevence which is only conveyed by your "stats."


I am not kidding ... even on Facebook now if someone wants to friend you they ask for your stats and they no longer mean bust-waist-hips (which is 2-1-2 BTW ... as in 2 busts, 1 waist, 2 hips) they mean how many people think you are relevent because social media people have reputations to protect. I tried whimpering to the staff that I didn't want to sit with the SM bullies but everyone claims to be an expert these days so there wasn't any other choice.

Anyway the basket weaving ... LOOK ... basket weaved hair. Go ahead PIN a pic of mine ... you know you want to ... I'd like to pretend I did it but nowhere in the Pinterest rules does it say you have to have done it yourself.  I like to drive around late at night and look in people's houses and they have crafty stuff ... I sneak up to the window and take pictures. It is called "pinning your life away vicariously through other people's craft crap." 

I did basketweaving at camp. I think I was 33 at the time.  (I had to wait until I stopped wetting the bed) I made my grandmother put the "fruit bowl" on the kitchen table and use it even though it couldn't really hold much fruit but even one apple made it technically a "fruit bowl," right?  (You should nod your head here and shout "Amen" or something out of support.  My feelings get hurt easily.)  That was back in the day when moms were still concerned with raising their kids and not damaging their fragile developing little selves.

She put it on the table that was missing one leg that my brother made at wood shop.  He got an "incomplete" on the project but his teacher said he got along well with the rest of the students.  No-one had ever said that about him before. 

Nowadays we have pinterest and moms say things like, "Get that crap off the kitchen table, I am knitting pinecones and broken bits of glass into a faux Swarovski Crystal fruit bowl for my Pinterest page."
That and "I think Bliss might be by any minute now and take a picture ... someone turn up the lights!"
SKIN:  **SHINE** Venice PurpleSunset/ Gift Womenstuff
HAIR:  Alli&Ali Designs Venezia Hair
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Rose Pale
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Natural Heavy* (marketplace only)
DRESS:  AZOURY - La Robe DRUSILLA Chocolat for hunt Womenstuff
BOOTS:  Carmen's Shoes Mallaki  blk/gold
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