Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black and Orange.


Why not Black and Orange? Or Purple and White? Seems to me that things were much easier when we were kids and didn't know a thing about this Black and White crap. A piano was just a cool thing that made awesome music, regardless of whether you knew how to play it or now.


And there were people you either liked or you didn't. You didn't worry about what that meant or said about you ... you just knew who you liked to play baseball with and who sucked at board games. You loved wherever your love steered you ... even the smelly old woman with all the cats whom everyone else avoided ... because you knew she had the coolest costumes from her time one stage that she sometimes let you try on when she invited you in for her incredible homemade molasses cookies.


I am not always clear on what it is that parents bring to the table in regards to "helping" a child grow up because it seems like a lot of kids are pretty great until the parents get involved.

(don't worry ... my children can't read ... they were raised by coyotes ...)

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