Saturday, November 17, 2012



This is me contributing to the delinquency of everyone in general (not just minors) because I am that kind of fair minded person - everyone should get the same heaping dose of delinquency from me.


See all common sense and grownupness should tell us to not encourage grafitti by taking fashion pictures in front of it because it lends it a legitimacy that we can't afford to do while we are standing with our arms folded and clucking at people for supporting the Spray Paint Association of Trailer After School Activities.


But I had my ear muffs on at the time and could not hear the clucking.

It's a legit legal defense ... trust me ...

SKIN:  TuTy's Angelina Dune skin M.Up 4
HAIR:  "LoQ Hair" Ouzo
EYES:  IKON Kaleido Eyes - Oil
LASHES:  MIAMAI Monica Outlander
OUTFIT INCLUDES BOOTS: H.E.D. Rolled Up Capris Beige for Acid Lily
EARRINGS:  [glow] studio ~~DeLyn~~ FATALE EARRINGS round
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