Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Thinking About The End of The World.


I am envisioning, many moons from now, many many moons, that someone might dig up a modern day calendar.


It is probably going to be one of those ones from the dollarstore with cute little pictures of kitties on them. Rumour has it that the dollar store calendars are made from crushed cock roaches and can outlive a nuclear holocaust .... just like actual cockroaches but in this case of a kitty calendar ... in a more fluffier and quieter way. (No-one screams at kitty calendars like they do when they see a cockroach)

Althought technically ... after a nuclear holocaust, there would not be anyone to HEAR someone screaming over a cockroach. There wouldn't even be anyone to scream. And if there was and they did scream, there would be no forest and no trees so we can't even pose that question about whether if there is no-one in not a forest and someone screamed, would it make any sound? I think this is a deep philosophical question. You may want to form cone hands and sit at your desk and discuss with someone else in the office who can make cone hands and also does not want to do any work.

So back to the calendar, because I like to stay on point ... they dig it up many moons from now (see above) and someone does scream and says "OMG the calendar ends on December 31st. The world is going to come to an end. We are all going to die."


And then someone will come along and point at the year and tell them that December 31st, 2012 has already passed and everyone already died on December 21st when the Mayan's calendar ended.

Except for the cockroaches of course ....

And the kitty calendar ...

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